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Our Mission

•    Promote Health and Wellbeing through Connection and Exercise

•    Encourage Self-Discipline and Determination

•    Connect to the Community by Building Relationships

•    Educate participants to Respect themselves and others

•    Inspire others through Leadership and Expertise

•    Grow Martial Arts as a Discipline to affect change

amaf logo only.jpg

The AMAF team is dedicated to supporting communities, in particular disadvantaged communities and using Martial Arts culture/learnings to promote health and wellbeing in our community.



1. The promotion and development of Martial Arts to the community;

2. To act as a grant making Foundation to provide training grants either directly or indirectly for Martial Arts participants both new and ongoing on a needs basis;

3. Funding of Martial Arts coaches to improve the capability and skills of underfunded or less resourced clubs;

4. To engage with community resources to develop and deliver Martial Arts programs and self-defence training programs for vulnerable people of all ages (children, young adults, NDIS participants and senior citizens).



INDIVIDUALLY: in the case of children and the younger generation, giving them the ability to continue in Martial Arts training will result in them reaping a lifetime of benefits and hopefully passing it on to their communities and future generations.

CLUB LEVEL: through assisting less resourced independent clubs so that they are able to continue to provide training to those that seek it. We know that local clubs and training centres “dojo’s” or “dojang’s” are an integral part of Martial Arts and critical to being able to provide their services to the communities they operate in.  Furthermore, by working with the clubs and provision of equipment, facilities and assistant coaches, we would provide them with support in their infrastructure to run more expansive programs and higher volumes of participants.

COMMUNITY LEVEL: we provide free or subsidised self-defence classes to increase personal safety and increase community participation.

NATIONAL LEVEL: build our 500 X 500 program to positively impact and support 500 sponsors by 500 active members annually through the entire network of partners and participants through Martial Arts which will in turn grow communities both Mentally and Physically and positively impact the Health and Wellbeing of all participants.


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